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Board Members 

No Name Job title
1 AtoAsmelash  W/slase Board  Chair man
2 Ato Atsbeha Aregawi Board Vice Chair man
3 Ato  Abrehaley Asmelash Board Secretary
4 Ato Alem G/meskel Board member
5 Ato  Yohannes G/egzabhire Board member
6 Ato Cherkos W/mariyam Board member
7 Ato  Teklle Shferaw Board member
8 Ato  Alemseged G/kidane Board member
9 Ato Abreha G/her Board member
10 W/ro Welesh Teklle Board member
11 W/ro Abeba Brhane Board member











Staff Members 



Job title


Abrehaley Asmelash

General manager


Berihu G/tsadken

Finance & Administration  main division


Yohanns tesfay

Project Expert


Cherkos W/mariyam

Member affairs & services main division


Mekonen Negash

IGS finance advisor 


Lielti kahsay

IGS coordination  main division


Maeruf Salih



Atsbeha Tadese



G/silase H/mariyam

Personal & general services section


Kiros kidanu

Legal advisor


Tsigereda Tewelde

Public relation


Nahom Temesgen

Data administer


Tsegay Teferi

Store keeper


Hirut Ashebr

Woman affairs


Welday Bahta

Social affair


H/Slase G/Silase



Mehamed shemshedin



Brkti  Nuguse



Mamit G/Slase



Mebrat Fiseha



Berhe G/gergis



Selamawit Hagos



Kindehafti G/mariyam




Latest News

  • EFFORT donated 20.1 Million birr to TDVA.

    EFFORT donated 20.1 Million birr to TDVA. EFFORT donated 20.1 Million birr to TDVA. The donated birr will support members who are under a poverty line to create jobs and raise a permanent income. And for those who are using wheel chairs, motorized wheel chairs will be bought. The donated birr also will help to settle medication bills and helping students of Nicolas Robinson School who are from poor members. Deputy Director of EFFORT Mr. Abrehaley Asmelash said EFFORT is working to solve social and economical problems especially problems of veterans and families of comrades who lost their lives in the war. Also stated understanding socio economic problems of veterans EFFORT have donated 20.1 million birr. Manager of TDVA Mr. Cherkos W/mariyam thanked the donation from EFFORT and said the donated birr will be used to make the veteran members benefited.   
  • Mekelle city administration gives a land for veterans.

    Mekelle city administration gives a land for veterans. Mekelle city administration gives a land for veterans. 590 veteran members received a land to build a home from the administration at the fest of the 44th   year foundation of TPLF.120 of the veterans are living in Addis Ababa. Mayor of Mekelle city Eng. Areaya Girmay said ‘for those fighters who lost part of their body for the sake of peace and democracy 140 karee meter land is given for each of them. Eng. Areaya added map is prepared in Mekelle city veterans received their land as per their allotment. Chair man of board of TDVA Mr. Asmelash W/silase has passed his gratitude for city administration for the assistance understanding the veteran’s problem. Mr. Asmelash also mentioned that TDVA is operating to support its member by planning various projects. Currently 2,869 members got a land thought out Tigray. Out of the total TDVA members 80 % of them own a home.
  • TDVA have created a job for more than 1300 members at the past half year of 2011 Ec.

    TDVA have created a job for more than 1300 members at the past half year of 2011 Ec. TDVA have created a job for more than 1300 members at the past half year of 2011 Ec. TDVA is striving to let members not to be subsidiary and created new job opportunities at the past half a year of 2011 Ec. The members are acting in dairy production and bakery. 630 members are working in cobblestone sites, out of those 177 members transformed to other sectors. Additionally, 16 members are being supported by Tigriyan living in America to participate in dairy production. Axum city administration has promised to give them a shed. 
  • TDVA received 10 motorized wheelchairs from a Donates.

    The motorized wheel chairs will be given for chosen veterans around Tigray who have serious physical injuries. The wheel chairs costs 600 thousand birr. The wheel chairs are donated from owners of Addis Abeba based ‘’Nexus logistics PLC ‘’ Mr Bahre Gezahegn and his spouse Mrs Tekile Alemayehu. Fighter Bahre donates those wheelchairs for his fighter friends because of his wish to help during war and reminds often to follow his foot step. And added that, those fighters who sacrificed their part of their body deserve much more than this. General Manager of TDVA Mr Abrehaley Asmelash  have pass his gratitude to the Donaters and said that the motorized wheelchairs basically will help veterans with serious physical injuries.
  • TDVA donates 1 million birr to support displaced Tigriyans.

      Vice chair man of board of TDVA Mr. Atsibeha Aregawi stated that there are 34 thousand displaced Tigriyans who are in high socio economic crisis. Mr. Atsibeha added supporting the victims is the responsibility of everybody, understanding the problems of the displaced people TDVA decided to donate 1 million birr.
  • Happy new year

    Happy Ethiopian New Year!! We are grateful to all you have done to support TDVA’s effort on solving member’s socio economic problems. We are optimistic that you will continue to work with us. Wish you all the best in the upcoming future!! Tigray Disabled Veterans Association!!!
  • Donation

    TDVA donates 1 million birr to support displaced Tigriyans. Vice chair man of board of TDVA Mr. Atsibeha Aregawi stated that there are 34 thousand displaced Tigriyans who are in high socio economic crisis. Mr. Atsibeha added supporting the victims is the responsibility of everybody, understanding the problems of the displaced people TDVA decided to donate 1 million birr.
  • bord conferense

  • Tigray disabled veterans association announced that it planned to work to help 52 % of its members who are in under poverty level.

    TDVA announced this when its 9th general assembly has been held. The general assembly has been held for three days and with more than 500 members where representatives of different organization took part. As chair man of board of the association Mr Asmelash Weldesilasie said 52 % of the association members found still under poverty level. To let those members who own sustainable income more than 200 million birr is needed, Mr Asmelash added that this will get done by using 6 years strategic plan and by working with regional government and other concerned bodies cooperatively. Guest of honor of the general assembly Vice President of Tigray Regional state Dr Debretsion GebreMichael have said that veterans don’t think they deserve extra because they have sacrificed much more. Appreciating their straggle to stand by themselves using the part of their body the left with. And also stated that as there were tackles to solve veterans’ problems. He indicated problems will be solved step by step.    Association ‘s 3 years and 9 months report has been delivered , audit report and strategic plan of 6 years has been ratified after discussion has been made by the members of the association.       
  • Web Site Seminar

    11/15/2017 TDVA conduct Web site seminar in mekelle yeha meeting Hall
  • Treatment service

    Members of the association who are 3,730 in total and have serious physical injuries, government is compensating them with 452 monthly payment in total 20,231,520.00 birr. Furthermore, the 630 serious physical injuries are subsidiary with 750 birr in every month for 752 members which is in total 6,768,000.00 birr.
  • Advocacy service

    If any member of the organization come up with baized treatment done up on him,the organization is always prepared to advocate so is stand before the law on behalf of the victim member.
  • Banner Slider-4

    Nicolas School  To contribute to the  enhancement of the qualify life  
  • HeadLine

    General Assembly Meeting will be held on Nov-12-2017
  • General Managers message

  • map

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  • Establishment and its Activities

     The Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (TDVA) is a non-governmental organization/local NGO, qualified as a charitable organization and non-profit public benefit organization, based in Mekelle, Tigray state. Rainbows4children (R4C) is also an independent foundation; set-up in memory of Nicolas Robinson (son of the co-founder) established with aim of providing education access and training for the economically disadvantaged children of Ethiopia, mainly the children of disabled war veterans.  The TDVA and R4C have been development partners for the last 12 years. During this time, they have a track record of successful project implementation in education in Mekelle, Tigray State. They have built a school, called Nicolas Robinson School (NRS), which consists of Kindergarten, Elementary (1-8), Secondary (9-10) and Preparatory School (11-12). At present, there are about 1,400 students from kindergarten to grade 12.The school is known for its quality of education and all the students who have taken the general school leaving examination have passed to university. According to the Regional Bureau of education, the school is ranked as level IV.  Through strong cooperation of TDVA and Rainbows4children, we have completed the building of the Nicolas Robinson Kindergarten in 0000 m2 in 1997 E.C., and in September 1997 E.C. this was opened for 160 children, aged 4-6 years. Now in 2009E.C., the Kindergarten has a capacity for 260 children. We have completed all the Nicolas Robinson Primary School in 0000 m2, within the campus, 20 classrooms, blocks with laboratory, administrative block, sports field, and now in 2009 E.C. 780 children are studying in grades 1 to 8. The school has a separate building for the school staff where they can work and meet. In 2004 E.C. we built a library, dining room and music room for the primary school and started building work on the secondary school. We have finished building the high school campus so that our students can complete their education entirely at the Nicolas Robinson School. In EC 2002 we equipped the school classrooms and library with 22,000 books. We believe that science is a fundamental component of a good education and we have invested excellent quality science teaching equipment.  
  • Vision/Mission

    Vision The Nicolas school will be amongst the top five schools in Ethiopia by 2020 as measured by the Percent of Children graduating to university or Technical/ Vocational training Schools and colleges.    Mission To provide education for children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, especially serving those whose parents have disabilities and to provide education regardless of their own abilities or disabilities, gender, religion or ethnic origin.   VALUE STATEMENT Nicolas Robinson School believes the values it seeks to impart to its students during their stay in the school. As an institution, it strives to follow these values through daily work and relationships with one another. The core values of the school are as follows:  Excellence: Nicolas Robinson School shall make a continuous and concerted effort to develop many of its academic programs to centers of excellence. Quality: Nicolas Robinson School shall exert a continuous effort to deliver highest standard academic services.  Relevance: Nicolas Robinson School shall give a considerable attention to make sure that all academic activities are oriented to meet the needs of all stakeholders in particular and the development of the society in general.  Innovation: Nicolas Robinson School strives to advance innovativeness among the academic community and students.  High ethics: Nicolas Robinson School strives to maintain high ethical standards in its academic and public services.  Efficiency and Effectiveness: Nicolas Robinson School is committed to implementing a new administrative and academic structure system to efficiently use resources and effectively deliver services. Democracy and transparency: The School promotes principles of democratic values and transparency in its academic and administrative systems. Academic freedom: Nicolas Robinson School adheres to principles of academic freedom in an effort to advance academic wisdom and create an environment for free discussion and dissemination of ideas and new findings.  Participatory: Nicolas Robinson School encourages and creates a system for the active involvement of all stakeholders in all its undertakings and decision makings. Accountability: Nicolas Robinson School promotes accountability at individual and institutional levels with full answerability to the community. Environment protection: The school encourages and actively involves in activities targeted towards environmental protection.
  • Mekelle Ortho-Physiotherapy Center

      Establishiment   Mekelle Orthopedic and Physiotherapy Center (MOPC) is a local non-profit and non-governmental organization established in 1992, administrated under the Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (TDVA).   Major purpose of the organization   To rehabilitate the physically disabled population of Tigray and nearby regions. Tigray has been the most affected region through decades of war and famine, which has resulted in a higher degree of disabilities compared to other regions with in Ethiopia.   By doing so, physically disabled people in Tigray, nearby regions and Eritrean refugees are beneficiaries of the provision of physical rehabilitation services at MOPC.  This allows them to be full, active members of society and   complete their social reintegration into their respective communities.   Mission   To contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the quality life of PWD’s of the region through the provision of mobility and assistive devices by encompassing a system of human & physical resources designed to meet the needs of the physically disabled persons we serve, in collaboration with the government, donors, partners and communities.   VIsion   We aspire to see all physical Disabled people of the Tigray region have fully accesses and sustainable services to PRS whereby, their livelihoods  is improved and developed.   CORE VALUES   Service user Focus   Our physically disabled people are at the heart of everything we do, and who we build a lasting and collaborative relationship with.   Integrity   At the heart of our work is doing what is right for all service users & employees through unwavering commitment to honesty, loyalty, transparency and accountability.   Quality   We are determined to provide excellent services, exceeding expectations.   Professionalism   We are identified by our commitment to team work, altruism, respect , confidentiality, and innovation in all our endeavors   OBJECTIVES   MOPC aims to:   * Promote mobility, inclusion and enhanced quality of life to enable PWD to participate fully in all aspects of daily life in their communities and achieve a certain level of economic self sufficiency and social integration.   * Ensure and promote that PWDs are able to take full advantage of their physical  and psychological abilities.   * Maximize the number of service users ensuring we maintain  our quality, care and efficiency.   * Create a favorable situation to ensure hat the service users could be able to pass through all  rehabilitation process so as  to determinately and fully participation in their society and help them to achieve equal opportunity in life.   * Promote community awareness raising to bring about attitude change and equal opportunities for PWDs in society.          
  • Nicolas Robinson School

    Nicolas Robinson School
  • Yiha Real Estate PLC

    Yeha Real Estate plc is incorporated under the laws of Ethiopia, and owned by Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (TDVA). It was established in 2005 E.C currently it is engaged in rental of commercial property at Addis Ababa and Mekelle cities called Yeha City Centre No. 1 and No. 2 respectively as per its memorandum of association. Its Addis Ababa building which is located in Kirkos sub-city, woreda 7 has B2+G+M+11 floors, whereas its Mekelle branch comprises G+7 floors located in Hwulti sub-city. Furthermore, the tenants are a mix of private businesses, banks, insurances, import & export, governmental and non-governmental institutes. All profits earned after covering administrative expenses and government taxes are transferred to the association for implementing its objectives. Like any other investor, it has created job opportunities for one hundred forty seven employees where most of them are members of the association. In the near future, Yeha Real Estate is planning to build additional commercial buildings for sale and rent and taking into account opening more job opportunities. Its head office is located at Addis Ababa, Kirkos sub-city, Woreda 7 and its branch at Mekelle town, Hawelti sub-city Head Office Telephone Nos.    011-558-01-12                                 011-558-01-29                                011-558-01-03 Mekelle      Telephone No.    034-440-42-53                                                   Yeha Real Estate plc has its own vision, mission statement and objectives and values which are indicated here under.  
  • Fre Siwuat Trading PLC

    Fre Siwuat Trading PLC
  • Fre Siwuat Industry PLC

    Company Overview: Fre-seat industrial P.L.C. is owned by Tigrai disabled veterans association (TDVA), which has more than two decades of experience in producing furniture and garmenting products at small scale industry stage. Since its establishment, the primary market for the furniture and garmented products were the governmental and nongovernmental organization in the motive of helping the victims of war during the arm struggle with Derg regime. Over the past decade, Fre-sweat industry plc has remained as one of the small scale industry engaged in furniture and garmenting products. Finally the owner has emerged to establish a manufacturing company named us ‘’Fre-sweat industry plc’’ since 2007 G.C to locally produce furniture and garmented products. and grip its market share in Mekelle, Tigrai and now expands in to high tech flexible manufacturing workshop to locally produce spare parts and fabricate different components. MISSION: To supply quality spare parts and fabricated items of different  sizes to its customers, maximize owners’ wealth. VISION: To be the best reference and leading spare parts and fabricated items Producer in Ethiopia. CORE VALUES: 1.      Customer satisfaction 2.     Reliability 3.     Commitment 4.      Good governance The flexible manufacturing workshop is equipped with the state of the art machineries capable of producing different spare parts and fabricated components for different industrial applications, example for:-       1.      Construction machineries 2.      Cement producer companies 3.      Sugar industries 4.      Automotive industries 5.      Power industries 6.      Transport industries 7.      Pharmaceutical producer companies 8.      Textile industries 9.      Marble producer companies 10.   Food processing companies 11.  Metal and furniture producer companies   Petroleum industries and   agriculture machinery. Our company is unique in owning the state of the art heat treatment plant composing of electrical chamber and pity furnace capable of reaching maximum working temperature of 1050 °c to accommodate different heat treatment demands. Fre-sweat Industrial P.L.C. does not only own unique and modern heat treatment but also possess different contemporary machineries which differentiate it from its competitors that enabling it to produce superior products. For example  1. Shearing machines capable of shearing of from 4mm – 16mm thickness sheet metals and plates  2. Bending machines capable of bending from 4mm – 16 mm thickness sheet metals and plates.  3. Rolling machines capable of rolling from 4mm – 16 mm thickness sheet metals and plates  4. Radial drilling machines capable of drilling up to 60mm diameter of holes.  5. Different CNC Lethe and milling machines, shaper machines for different industrial applications.  Seeing is believing and you are cordially invited to visit our company. Our company is reliable and ready to serve you. ·         Our Moto is to offer quality spare parts and fabricated components. Come and visit our factory and we will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.  Address   In Mekelle city Aider sub city at 03 Kebele beside Tigray water and resource bureau  General Manager                      Commercial  '  0344410928                                                        ' 0344410927      È0930284948                                                       È0925445432                  
  • Educational Service

    Including 1,767graduating students, TDVA has paid more than 6,235,264.13 birr for 3,591 students until June 2006.In general, the association has made an educational support for more than 1802 members.721 children of veterans who are attending class in Nicolas Academy for free and 179 children of veterans with big discount monthly fees.
  • Health Service

    TDVA has paid 599,537.23 birr for veterans who can’t afford their medical expenses and transportation and allowed free care either. On top of this, for the sake of emergency TDVA has bought a minibus which only serves the members. There is also an in –service ambulance donated by Ministry of Health. Likewise, there is another advanced bus with lifting capacity of highly injured members in service
  • Training Service

    To make the disabled veterans more productive and competitive, TDVA has been giving short trainings for more than 9,886 members thus far. Some of the short trainings which were given to the members of veterans in 2008 E.C are irrigation, production of milk, and welding, driving, trading, assessing, fixation of Bajaj. Besides in 2008 E.c , TDVA in corporation with Sur construction PLC and Trans Ethiopia, has given a driving, welding, fixing licenses for more than 450 young children’s of veterans who were unable to join preparatory school so is university in Red stars (TVS). What makes this training special is that the trainees are going to be hired in the organization right after they accomplish their training well.  
  • Provision of land in Cities and Prevention of Land in rural

    More than 9,730 members have got a housing service in cities. And for more than 1,427 TDVA has given a working area (trading area). TDVA has granted a complete house for 7 members who were seriously injured and lives in Axum. TDVA has also given a miller house which costs 900,000 birr unions away.
  • Debit Service

    Covering 5% interest for around 4 thousand 3 hundred members and depositing 20%of the credited to Dedebit Microfinance, TDVA has become collateral for creditors for 38,107,360.00 birr.
  • Vacancy/Training

  • Establishment of TDVA

    A.    Establishment of  TDVA Tigray Disabled Veterans Association was recognized with around 1200 registered disabled veterans after making a founding meeting in 18th - 20th   May of 1988 E.C. B.     Vision of  TDVA To create a contented ambiance for disabled veterans enlightening their strong point in all political, economic and social life benefiting and making an active participants in which their dignity is assured.   C.      Mission of TDVA To revival disabled veterans so is they would be able to persuade themselves that they could principal a family and could be productive agents in the society.   D.    Objectives of TDVA Fighting to assure the benefits o+f political economic and social aspects of its members Tigray Disabled Veterans Association stands to preserve the benefits and right of its members To make members accountable for the renaissance of Ethiopia via potential based contribution. E.     Structure of TDVA  Tigray Disabled Veterans Association major authorization is based on the balanced, free and fair representation of general meeting and the next step authorized bodies are elected board of administrators and controlling council of the general meeting. Board of administrators make an election of a general manager who manages the association and the general managing system is run with the established management members. Functional areas of TDVA Head office of TDVA is found in Mekelle, Tigray. There are also so many other branches in different parts of Tigray and other additional branch in Addis Abeba for members a long way from Tigray. Means of income for the achievements of the organizational objectives are found Yeha real estate PLC, in Addis Abeba, and Firesweat trading PLC in Mekelle.In addition, Walta Industry PLC in Axum. Thus functional areas of TDVA are most found in Tigray and Addis Abeba.  
  • Strategic Plan

    Strategic Plan
  • Governance

  • Purpose and Objective

    Objectives of TDVA Fighting to assure the benefits o+f political economic and social aspects of its members Tigray Disabled Veterans Association stands to preserve the benefits and right of its members To make members accountable for the renaissance of Ethiopia via potential based contribution.
  • By the law of the board(association)

    By the law of the board(association)
  • Ethics and Conduct

    Ethics and Conduct
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    CORE VALUES   Service user focus Integrity Quality professionalism Our physically disabled people are at the heart of everything we do, and who we build a lasting and collaborative relationship with.   
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    Vision We aspire to see all physical Disabled people of the Tigray region have fully accesses and sustainable service to PRS where by,their livelihoods is important and developed.
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    TDVAMission  To contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of the qualify life  
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